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Top Reasons to Hire a Professional for Garage Door Repair

You garage door is important for your family's safety and the protection of your personal possessions. If it doesn't open correctly or, worse, it doesn't close correctly, you could be inviting animals, pests, and thieves into your home. At Ingstrup Construction in Lansing, MI, we understand the need to have a garage door that works the way it should. Find out why you should let professionals do the work.

Your Safety

Garage door spring repair can be dangerous. Your springs are in a high-tension situation. If you don't understand how they work, you could find yourself with lost fingers or worse. Remember, your garage springs hold up the weight of the garage door. If that weight crashes down on you, you'll be lucky to survive. About 20,000 people every year go to the hospital with injuries related to garage door problems. Professionals have the experience to reduce accidents and the insurance to cover them if something bad happens.

Your Time

DIY garage door repair can take 2 to 3 times longer than letting a professional deal with it. You may not have the right tools and you'll probably have to educate yourself on how things work and what you should and shouldn't do. A professional can diagnose the problem and fix it much more quickly, and you can spend your time doing something you enjoy.

Your Warranty

Garage door installation in Lansing may not be cheap, but when you get a professional to do the job, you are sure that the work will be backed up by a guarantee. Even better, with the work done correctly, you can have full confidence in the garage door warranty. You want the repair to last as long as possible; a professional can make that happen because he or she will have the right tools to calibrate the required tension and make the adjustments needed to increase the life expectancy of your garage door.